The issue of quality, product is, be in attendance, part of everyday life of the Golden Foods. Always investing in innovation and technology and thinking in their role as agents of change in society and the environment, the Golden has been implementing quality programs in their operations.

We adopt a strict quality control that starts from the choice of our suppliers to delivery of our products to the customer.

The Golden Foods has four laboratories in its structure, It is a laboratory for microbiological analysis, two laboratories for physical and chemical analysis and microscopy lab, plus highly trained technical personnel, making possible, like this, the implementation of new analytical techniques for continuous improvement in all production stages.

The Golden Foods also does not give up to fulfill all the established rules, with regard to the safety of our products. For Aurea, quality is a constant commitment and all, so our employees are constantly trained on good manufacturing practices and cleaning, strengthening, like this, our responsibility for the safety and quality of our products and the satisfaction of our consumers.

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