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The Aurea Foods is synonymous with a timeless and tireless love for flavor. This story, built in family with all the dedication, care and affection, began in 1962 in the Braço do Norte city, and completed 57-year history. Currently the company is present in 27 Brazilian states leading award-winning and innovative products to the market.
Zeal for the best experience of taste is consolidated in more than 120 items produced in Santa Catarina South industry, divided into sweet milk categories, fillings creamy and ornable, sparkles and toppings, fruit jams, jellies, guava paste, party line with Brigadeiro, cajuzinho and beijinho, composed of condensed milk and condensed milk dessert flavored milk and condensed milk, sauces and condiments line. In addition to these products lead the Aurea Foods brand, the company diversifies the work in the 13 flavors of powder juice drinkk.


About 300 employees work in the industrial and administrative areas of the Aurea Foods. In addition to these direct jobs, the company generates around 260 indirect through the sales team, now 93 representatives spread across the country. And the other 170 indirect jobs come through the dairy farmers, all from the southern region and the ridge of the Santa Catarina, which provide daily 35,000 liters of milk and 35,000 liters of whey.


On average, the Braço do Norte industry has the capacity of 3500 tons per month. Altogether 80% of sales go to the food service segment and 20% for retail.

Group values ​​Áurea


Be proactive, aligning
knowledge and creativity


have discipline and responsibility


be the best at what you do


make like for us


use resources consciously

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