Mini Stuffed Egg With Brigadeiro Gourmet


120 minutes

10 units

• 1 tablespoon cocoa powder soup
• 1 tablespoon of wheat flour
• 200g cream
• 100g semisweet chocolate melted

• milk chocolate 500g
• 1 forminha acetate to 50g egg
• 1 transfer sheet for chocolate for decoration
• 10 ampoules for liquor
• 100ml of chocolate liquor or any other flavor


1- In saucepan place the MILK CONDENSED GOLDEN, cocoa powder and sieved wheat flour, mix everything.
2- Add the cream and cook stirring constantly until thickened.
3- Remove from heat and place the melted chocolate, mix well.
4- Let cool for use in assembly.


1- Melt the milk chocolate and make tempering or water bath, put in forminha of easter eggs and refrigerate to firm and make the cones.
2- Cut the ends of each half of the cone.
3- Glue each one giving the egg formed.
4- With the help of a sleeve, and a pastry cherry put the filling nozzle into the egg.
5- Make the transfer of squares with chocolate
6- Garnish with the full vial of liquor and transfer of squares, serve immediately

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